• HY-910-CL Automatic Continuous Injera Maker Machine (9 sets)

HY-910-CL Automatic Continuous Injera Maker Machine (9 sets)

Model : HY-910-CL

  • Using individual temperature controllers to control each plate’s temperature, which can make the temperate stable and accurate; that is, it will not cause large temperature gap and different color between products. With comprehensive baking timer, you can make large amounts of injeras in the same-high quality during a short period. 
  • The speed of our unique “Rotary Filling System”, which can be adjusted to make your injera batter depositing on the plate evenly and flatly. Besides, the amount of batter and thickness of each Injera product can be controlled by the electronic timer as well. 
  • After depositing the batter, the lid for each plate will close automatically, and the steam will exist naturally to accelerate the baking process, this way makes the texture closer to the hand-made injeras. 
  • The machine body is made of #304 food grade stainless steel, and it features in cleaning-convenient, durable and preservative. Furthermore, our plates are made from food grade aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity. Teflon coating makes products not easily to stick on the plates. With stainless steel heating tube can save time and bake injeras evenly.         
  • There are two sizes of plates can be chosen, which are 41 cm and 52cm for making traditional injeras. Besides, we can do customized size plates and they are replaceable as well. 
  • HY-910 is a series machines, you can easily produce numerous of different products by changing specific plates, such as American waffles, Liege waffles, stroop waffles, ice cream cone waffles, tartes, cracker cookies, crepes and so on…

  • Size:W2520 x D2150 x H1300 mm
  • Power:380V or 220V / 9000W / 3~
  • Weight:400 kgs
  • Baking Plate:9 sets
  • Dimension of mold:410-520mm
  • Temperature:0-399℃
  • Speed:Adjustable
  • Volume of hoper:13L
  • Maximum capacity of Injera:140 pcs per hour (3 minutes baking time)
  • Maximum capacity of Injera:420 pcs per hour (1 minutes baking time)