• HY-117 Egg Roll Biscuit Machine

HY-117 Egg Roll Biscuit Machine

Model : HY-117

  • HY-117 Automatic Egg Roll Biscuit Machine Suitable for making Egg Roll Biscuit.
  • HY-117 has an Automatic top plate lifting-up system, it can lift the top plate up automatically when the setting time is up.
  • Adjust the timer for stuffing quantity according to the egg roll biscuit size.
  • Automatic filling and baking in one step and gets the same good quality.
  • The machine is made by stainless steel.
  • Mold is made by high thermal conductivity of the material, rapid and uniform heating and saving cost.
  • Size:W570 x D1420 x H1920 mm (Open H2120 mm)
  • Baking Plate Size:W200 x D360 mm
  • Capacity:13L
  • Power:220V / 4000W
  • Weight:100 kgs
  • Power System of Automatic Top Plate Lifting-up System:By air
  • Air compressor is not included.