Bakery Equipment

Baking products are a combination of traditional and fashionable food.

In the production of baked products, not only follow the classic production principles, but also must add the elements of the new creation, in order to produce delicious and popular bakery products.

HWA IH GIN Machine always pays attention to the popular craze of baking products, and designs the baking equipment that can balance the classics and the new trend with the innovative thinking as the main axis.

We also add automated technology that allows you to easily make consistently high quality baking products.

The main products include various types of commercial waffle maker, automatic waffle machine, automatic crepe machine, egg roll biscuit machine, Dorayaki pancake machine, Soufflé Machine, Tart shell machine, biscuit forming machine, puff stuffing machine, and more equipments for egg cake, egg waffle, cracker, ice cream cone, donuts etc……