• HY-910 Automatic Continuous Cone Cookie Machine (9 sets)

HY-910 Automatic Continuous Cone Cookie Machine (9 sets)

Model : HY-910

  • Automatic forming system can make the volume of every product the same.
  • Unified adjustable baking speed and excellent thermal conductivity waffle iron produces waffle quickly, evenly and uniformly.
  • Each baking plate is with a separate temperature controller, control the temperature accurately.
  • The whole machine is made by #304 stainless steel, easy to clean and safe.
  • Mold is made by high thermal conductivity of the material, rapid and uniform heating and saving cost.
  • Mold can be customized, you can make your unique product.
  • According to the mold, this automatic continuous Waffle Machine can make American waffles, Liege waffles, Stroopwafel, ice cream cone cookies, tart cookies, injera, cracker, etc…

Product Max Capacity per hour
Waffles(10*10cm) 480 pcs
American Waffles(Dia.18cm) 120 pcs
Liege Waffles(smaller than 10*10cm) 480 pcs
Stroopwafel 1080 pcs
Ice Cream Cone Cookies 270 pcs
Tart Cookies 720 pcs
Cracker 360 pcs
Crape 360 pcs
  • Size: W1900 x D1680 x H1300mm

  • Power : 380V/ 220V/ 10,800-18,800W/ 3~

  • Weight : 400kgs

  • Baking Plate : 9 sets

  • Dimension of mold : 265mm x 245mm

  • Temperature : 0-399℃

  • Speed : Customize

  • Capacity of hoper : 13L x 2

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