• HY-817 Conveyor BBQ Machine

HY-817 Conveyor BBQ Machine

Model : HY-817

  • Use electric temperature adjustment. The top and bottom temperature can be adjusted respectively. Besides, it can be kept at constant temperature. Using the electric speed adjustment motor, the yakitori can be roasted to best golden color and crispness.
  • The Kebab Skewer and yakitori can be placed anywhere from front or back on the conveyor to match different grill time of different product. (Skewer can be placed on the conveyor, fish and meat can be placed on a small net on the conveyor)
  • It has precise and dependable design. It can be used for long and continuous use, small volume, not taking too much space. It may replace many sets of oven.
  • Size:W1770 x D430 x H530 mm
  • Power:220V / 7950W
  • Weight:53 kgs

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