• HY-529 Infrared Conveyor Oven

HY-529 Infrared Conveyor Oven

Model : HY-529

This type of infrared conveyor oven is the one you're most likely to find in a chain restaurant, thanks to quick output capabilities. While they sacrifice a bit of your ability to provide the thin, crispy crust some customers want, they provide speed and volume that a deck oven would be hard-pressed to match. They're also fantastic for deep dish pizzas and other thicker pies.

Infrared technology's intense radiant heat is great for cooking large amounts of raw proteins. Great for grilling chicken, burgers, ribs and other fatty proteins without creating a greasy mess inside the oven. Instantly vaporizes splattering grease while in use. In addition this oven can be used for general baking and is also great for baking raw dough pizza!

  • Upper and lower heaters are controlled respectively by micro-computing temperature controller.
  • Copyright design, the cooling circulation system and air door prevents heat from leaking out of the oven.  The heat stays inside the oven so every corner in the oven receives temperature evenly.
  • The machine has thermal insulation, which is to prevent accident during operation.
  • Electric micro speed adjustment provides accurate roasting speed according to different food.
  • The entire machine is made by stainless steel, easy to dismantle and clean.  Both front and back tray, including the bottom reflective board can be taken out directly for cleaning.
  • Size:W820 x D1130 x H570 mm (With Tray:1670 mm)
  • Conveyor:660 x 1100 mm
  • Power:220V / 10500W, 12000W
  • Weight:86 kgs