• HY-557 Commercial Donut Fryer

HY-557 Commercial Donut Fryer

Model : HY-557

  • Quality of doughnut is good and the same.
  • Oil is heated by electric heater inside the oil tank. It saves cooking time and energy.
  • The oil temperature is controlled in order to extend the service life of oil.
  • This machine is easy to clean. The remnant is cleanable by lifting up the electric heater and the oil tank is removable for clean.
  • Few oil required and saving cost.
  • HY-557 Donut fryer has Special design frying basket is very suitable for frying doughnut.

  • Size:W550 x D770 x H970 mm
  • Tank:W490 x D440 x H210-250 mm
  • Basket:W440 x D370 mm
  • Power:220V / 5500W or Three-Phase 220V / 12000W
  • Oil volume:23L
  • Weight:33 kgs

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