• HY-625 Automatic Batter Coating Machine

HY-625 Automatic Batter Coating Machine

Model : HY-625

  • The Batter Coating Machine is suitable for breading food production lines such as vegetables, meat steaks, fried chicken, hot dogs, mochi, snack foods, etc.
  • It can also be equipped with a Conveyor fryer and a Crumb Breading Machine. The breading and frying can be completed automatically, which is highly efficient, labor-saving and easy to clean.
  • The way of batter the product is to combine of the conveyor belt and dip the product into the batter.
  • The machine continuously and evenly coats batter on the surface of the product while conveying the product.
  • Continuous and automatic recycling of batter will not cause waste.
  • There is a valve at the bottom of the trough to discharge the remaining batter.
  • The conveyor belt can be lifted upwards, making it easy to clean the trough.
  • It can be used for different types of batter and liquid.

  • Size:W1200 x D680 x H1430 mm
  • Power:220V / 90W
  • Conveyor:330 mm
  • Volume:18L
  • Weight:50 kgs

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