• HY-620 Automatic Crumb Breading Machine

HY-620 Automatic Crumb Breading Machine

Model : HY-620

  • The Crumb Breading Machine is suitable for breading food production lines such as vegetables, meat steaks, fried chicken, hot dogs, mochi, snack foods, etc.
  • It can also be equipped with a Conveyor fryer and a Batter Coating Machine. The breading and frying can be completed automatically, which is highly efficient, labor-saving and easy to clean.
  • The way of crumb coating is the combination of conveyor belt and crumb covering.
  • The machine continuously and evenly wraps bread crumb on the surface of the product while conveying the product.
  • Continuous and automatic recycling of crumb will not cause waste.
  • The back cover of the machine can be lifted, the powder tank can also be quickly dumped, the powder can be recycled and poured back into the container, and the powder tank is easy to clean.
  • It can be used for different types of powders and powders with different particle sizes.

  • Size:W970 x D470 x H1090 mm
  • Power:220V / 90W
  • Conveyor:330 mm ( Entrance:W50-100 mm)
  • Weight:30 kgs

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