• HY-590W Continuous Conveyor Frying Machine

HY-590W Continuous Conveyor Frying Machine

Model : HY-590W

     The potato frying machine adopts the oil-water mixed technology, is designed to fry various product such potato chips, peanuts. The potato frying machine can fry kinds of products at the same time, and there is no taste mixture between each other, convenient and quick, safety and health.

  • Use micro computerized thermos and numeral adjustable switch can supply accurate frying time and temperature in order to make fried stuff to get consistent quality.
  • Automatic operation is suitable for large sum of food disposal. Save time and manpower.
  • This machine has oil cooling spot to store food scrap to prevent oil souring.
  • Conveyor system can be lifted up for cleaning or use oil filter to remove the food scrap in order to prolong the oil using time.
  • This reliable and durable machine is suitable for school, hospital, dining room and food manufactures.
     We provides potato chips fryer machine in good price and high quality to meet great popularity in medium and small food processing enterprises. The frying machine can save 50% oil and 50% electricity. Welcome to contact us.
  • Size:W2580 x D810 x H1660 mm
  • Conveyor:530 mm
  • Power:380V / 3PH / 32000W / 36000W
  • Oil volume:18L x 9 barrels
  • Weight:195 kgs

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