• HY-910-L Large Automatic Continuous Waffle Machine (15 sets)

HY-910-L Large Automatic Continuous Waffle Machine (15 sets)

Model : HY-910-L

  • Automatic forming system can make the volume of every product the same.
  • Unified adjustable baking speed and excellent thermal conductivity waffle iron produces waffle quickly, evenly and uniformly.
  • Each baking plate is with a separate temperature controller, control the temperature accurately.
  • The whole machine is made by #304 stainless steel, easy to clean and safe.
  • Mold is made by high thermal conductivity of the material, rapid and uniform heating and saving cost.
  • Mold can be customized, you can make your unique product.
  • According to the mold, this automatic continuous Waffle Machine can make American waffles, Liege waffles, Stroopwafel, ice cream cone cookies, tart cookies, cracker, etc…

Product Max Capacity per hour
Waffles(10*10cm) 960 pcs
American Waffles(Dia.18cm) 240 pcs
Liege Waffles(smaller than 10*10cm) 960 pcs
Stroopwafel 2160 pcs
Ice Cream Cone Cookies 540 pcs
Tart Cookies 1440 pcs
Cracker 720 pcs
Crape 720 pcs

‧ Size: W2600 x D2150 x H1300mm
‧ Power : 380V/ 18000W/ 3~, 220V/ 10800W/ 3~
‧ Weight : 650kg
‧ Baking Plate : 15 sets
‧ Dimension : 265mm x 245mm
‧ Temperature : 0-399℃
‧ Speed : Adjustable
‧ Volume of hopers : 13L x 2